Electric Branding

Blotched brand: example of overbranding or a brand iron built wrong.
Please browse our electric branding equipment. All electric branders have a one year manufacturer’s guarantee from date of purchase.

3/8" element

3/16" element

Electric Branding

Handle length is 12" - in a TEAL color.

  • All electric branders plug into any 110/120-Volt outlet

  • Custom-made to meet your exact specifications

  • 12-gauge, 3-wire grounded cord which stays flexible to almost -60 degrees Fahrenheit

  • All branders and dehorners come with insulated barrel handles to prevent the transfer of heat to the operator's hand

  • Electric branders should be hung on a metal hook or brand hanger by the element. DO NOT place iron inside of bucket.

  • Brand elements sizes are availale in 3/8" and 3/16"
Electric Brander Samples:
  • 2 Characters

  • 3 Characters
  • 1 Characters or Figure: $105.00

  • 2 Characters or Figures: $125.00

  • 3 Characters or Figures: $140.00

Electric Number Sets

A set consists of three separate irons:

  • First iron has numbers 1-2-3

  • Second iron has numbers 4-5-6

  • Third iron has numbers 7-8-0

  • 3”, 3 ½”, or 4” number sets (3 irons): $385.00

  • Note: The "6" of the second brand is inverted to create the number "9".

  • Note: Single numbers of any size may be ordered.

Other sizes and configurations available:

  • 5" or 6" number sets (5 irons): $595.00

  • 1 thru 9 number sets (9 irons): $875.00


Instructions: Place the dehorner over the horn button and rotate to make sure that the heat gets applied to all horn blood cells at the base of the horn. In about a month the horn button will fall off, leaving a smooth area.

Calf Dehorner
3/4" I.D. HOLE: $75.00

Goat Dehorner
5/8" I.D. HOLE: $75.00


Running Iron

  • Running Iron has a 2½" bar, 4" bar and a half-circle

  • With a series of applications, almost any figure is possible

Cost: $100.00

Horn Tipper

Cauterizes blood vessels after horn is cut to desired length.  Two sizes available:  2” and 2½”

Cost: $75.00

Electric Hot Knife/Twine Cutter

Cost: $75.00

Searing Iron

Cauterizes blood vessels after dehorning

Cost: $75.00

Brand Stands & Hangers

Hangers: $15.00


D. Hughes, Alabama, recently branded his Brahman with our electric brand iron


“Used the branding iron yesterday.... best iron I have ever used! Thank you for such a good product.”
- Brad P.,Thomas, OK

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