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From electric, freeze, and fire branding irons to dehorners, brand stands, and so much more— LVR Livestock brands has become a household name for all of your branding iron needs.

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Electric Branding

LVR Livestock Brands produces high-quality electric branding products for your cattle operation, customized with your character or logo specifications.

Freeze Branding

Made of stainless steel, LVR Livestock Brands produces the quality freeze branding equipment you need for your operation.

Fire Branding

At LVR Livestock Brands, we offer premium fire branding irons made from quality stainless steel to clearly mark and protect your livestock.

Specialty Branding

Give your project a unique, lasting impression with a specialty brand from LVR Livestock Brands. Create custom brands for meat, for leather, for saddle & tack, or for wood branding. To get started, simply send us your customized branding design for review.

Branding Iron Supplies

Add branding supplies from LVR Livestock Brands to your supply. Take a look at our knife & twine cutters, fire brand stands, dehorners, and more.

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July 19 — 28, 2024

Location: Frontier Park

Cheyenne, Wyoming

LVR Livestock Brands — Providing Premium, Professional Custom Branding Irons

At LVR Livestock Brands, we design and build top-quality livestock brands and branding irons. We specialize in electric brands, freeze brands, fire brands, and specialty brands for ranchers, farmers, and anyone who wants an authentic brand. We know how important it is to have quality equipment. As a family business, we’re ranchers using our own products on our livestock, and we understand a good, clear brand is essential. Our brands, dehorners and other products are made in the USA, providing friendly, honest all-American service to all of our customers.

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Instructions & Resources for LVR Livestock Branding Products

Interested in learning more about our branding iron products? We provide additional information to help you decide the right branding iron or accessory for you, and how best to use it!

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