Receiver Hitch Covers Brands & Gifts

Gift Certificates Available

Contact us at 701-663-7749 to purchase your Gift Certificates.

Receiver Hitch Cover Brands

Receiver hitch cover brands are able to be custom built for any truck or SUV.
EMAIL or call us at 701-663-7749 to order.

Dinner Bells: $15.00

You can't call 'em to dinner without an old-fashioned dinner bell.
EMAIL or call us at 701-663-7749 to order.

Dinner Bell

Western Picture Frames

Order a cedar frame to fit your print or custom order a frame. And, if you would like, pick a leather patch and send me your brand or logo, which I can then burn into the patch. - Ken Miller

If you find a frame you like,EMAIL or call us at 701-663-7749.

Branded/Wedding Plaque
Branded/Wedding Plaque

Distressed Cedar Samples

Weather Aged Cedar Samples

Wood Turned Wine Bottle Stoppers

Our wood turned wine bottle stoppers come with a solid stainless steel bottom.  Cost is $30 plus shipping.
EMAIL or call us at 701-663-7749 to order.

Goncola Alves
Purple Heart
Orange Osage
Zebra Wood
Birds Eye Maple
Aromatic Cedar
Russian Olive
Bottom View
Solid Stainless on the left
plated on the right
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