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Premium Electric Branding Products With LVR Livestock Brands

American made with quality in mind. We offer two element sizes to match the job it is to be used for. 3/16in element is half the watts of our standard element and is primarily intended for calves under 4 months of age. This allows the branding iron to be made smaller and still minimize blotching.The 3/8in element is the most common and hottest brand available. All electric brands are purposefully vented to minimize blotching.
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Electric Brand

Prices start at $135.00

  • All electric branders plug into any 110/120-Volt outlet
  • Custom-made to meet your specifications
  • 12 gauge 3 wire lighted cord end which stays flexible to -60 degrees F
  • If an extension cord is needed, use at least a 12-gauge, 3-wire grounded cord
  • All branders and dehorners come with insulated barrel handles to prevent the transfer of heat to the operator's hand
  • Electric branders should be hung on a metal hook or brand hanger by the bracing/element. DO NOT place iron inside of bucket
  • Numbers sets available under Branding Iron Supplies

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