About Us

My wife and I grew up in the country. We worked, along with our families, taking care of the livestock and crops. When our children were young we wanted to also raise them in the country, so we bought land and started ranching. The first decade we ran Angus cow calf pairs, followed by a yearling grass cattle rotational grazing program. During this time we have always branded all of our own cattle. And, yes, the name of our ranch comes from the amazing view we have reaching to the far off horizon.

I have always had a fascination for drawing scenic and western landscapes, as well as wildlife pictures. Using my art background, I have designed many brands in the past years. My customers will take my brand drawings to their state brand inspector and get them registered. Once they are registered, we build their brand. Brand design is the most important part of branding; it uniquely identifies the owner. We try to keep it simple yet using the characters the customer wants while providing clarity. Many times we will draw several brand design options until we get the best design for our customers.

I have done many drawings in the past years, all of which I couldn't part with,even for family members. I finally decided, making prints of several of my drawings is the best way to share them. Framing my art work has always been a priority for me. But I couldn't find the right frame for my work, so I started making my own rustic cedar frames. I now make and sell frames at three to four major stock shows per year. And, I do custom orders as well. Once again, thank you for your interest!

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